Overview – Strategic New Democracy

The 6 Components of a New Constitution Key to Our Future

1 –Putting Taxpayers In Charge

Strategic New Democracy elevates Taxpayers (that pay for, and use public services) to a higher level of influence than others living in the country, that just use them.

To ensure taxpayers get best value for funding the country’s public services and Infrastructures, they invest in a Professional Services Company “GB Incorporated” wholly owned and controlled by them, by purchasing at least 1 share per annum (circa £30 to £50) up to a statutory limit. This funds four services on their behalf, all aimed at achieving GDP Growth:

1 – Strategic Planning of our Economy to identify markets, support Trade Agreements and to identify & plan sector resourcing needs (nurses, teacher’s etc.) for alignment with educational institutions.

2 – Identification of Geographic Development Opportunity for “levelling-up” our untenable wealth gap.

3 – Establishing a Strategic Framework for the custodianship of policy in each Economic Sector (Healthcare, Transport etc.) to ensure continuity for service development & economic growth. Also of related regulations (for Housing etc) to ensure its ongoing fitness-for-purpose.

4 – Protection of our Economy. To protect taxpayers from populist policy invented purely for political power, irrespective of the longer term consequences. Also from ill-considered Budgets (including “mini-budgets”) by a statutory duty to obtain GBI approval before publication.

In addition to these share-funded services, GBI provides a centralised resource for the management and development of public services (initially the NHS). However, this is funded by taxation, set by the Party in Power, in accordance with the tax and development priorities people have voted for (see 2 below).

The GBI CEO and Board is elected by Taxpayers at each on-line AGM. Its performance is measured primarily by the yield on dividends geared to GDP Growth (paid annually as tax credits).

This Component of Strategic New Democracy is further described under “DEVELOPMENT”

2 – Improved Political Representation of Citizens

Our New Democracy will replace FPTP by a more representative PR-Based Voting System called PR4, ending our directionless 2-Party power-based structure that has now become a national embarrassment and the prime driver of the UK’s sub-par economic performance.

PR4 will achieve this by a high level of voting proportionality, whilst ensuring at least 4 active Parties in Parliament to drive-up its competence, contribute new ideas and to “hold the government in check”, obviating a the need for the inherently divisive Shadow Cabinet.

Strategic Continuity is driven by Political Parties competing by proposing different priorities and taxation regimes for developing the National Strategic Framework held under the custodianship of GB Incorporated. For example, some might prioritize the NHS whilst others Transport. This enables us to better compare one Party against another, balancing the improvements we want against the taxes we must pay for them.

Risks of potentially damaging Policy are minimised . Because most voters don’t bother with policy, but simply vote for one Leader over another, key strategic proposals, like Railway Nationalization, are no longer left to the public (poorly equipped to judge), but evaluated by representatives from the top 4 Parties and GBI as a condition of their acceptance into National Policy and Legislation.

Fiscal Integrity is achieved by requiring Budgets (including “Mini-Budgets”) to be established with the active involvement of GB Incorporated Professionals to protect the interests of the Taxpayers they represent.

This Component of Strategic New Democracy, together with its structural impacts on the Union, is further described under “ADMINISTRATION”.

3 – Socioeconomic Development

National Strategy in each Economic Sector, under the custodianship of GB Incorporated, will be constantly kept under review as circumstances and technologies change and published on the Internet for feedback from Taxpayers, Political Parties and Sector Professionals.

This will enable our School and Further-Education curriculums to be aligned to the planned and emerging needs of each Economic Sector.  In this way, informing the career choice of students aligned to the intake needs of both Private and Public Sector organisations.

This strategically-planned approach will then enable us to define the relative status of public-sector employees (nurses vs police etc), establishing necessary resourcing levels and paying them fairly in accordance. In this way, minimising the risks of socioeconomically damaging industrial unrest.

4 – Healthcare Efficiency and Sustainability

GBI will develop a blueprint for a restructured, NI-Funded NHS, supported by detailed designs, from 2024, to enable development and phased rollout from 2026. As this will be funded by general taxation, the pace of healthcare reform will obviously depend on the priority and taxation policies of the Political Party elected into power at that time.

NHS Management will then become responsible only for the day-to-day operation of the service, acting as advisors (together with Expert Groups) to a GB Incorporated Team of Systems Professionals for its professional planning. development and deployment.

This Component of Strategic New Democracy is further described under “HEALTHCARE”.

5 -Cohesive Citizenship & Demotivating Illegal Immigration

Stopping seemingly unstoppable convoys of Economic Immigration is not difficult, contrary to popular belief. Because people only take any course of action because they are so motivated – the issue is therefore simply one of demotivation.

GBI will achieve this by ensuring that the UK offers no tangible benefits to economic immigrants over France or any other EU14 state. We will then reinforce this with National Digital ID, bringing the UK into alignment with most of the rest of Europe.

The National ID system will be expandable to hold links to healthcare/ vaccination records, Driving Licence details etc. It will be invaluable to assist Law Enforcement and to provide attendance records of attendances at sporting and music events etc. It would be downloadable to smartphones and be required for free access to NHS resources (including A&E Departments), other public services and for employment.

Together with Healthcare, these measures will form the top priority for GB Incorporated on its establishment and will be coordinated within a single programme.

6 – Global Climate & Strategic Ambitions

By establishing a new strategic governmental order, where politicians operate in a policy framework jointly managed with qualified professionals, we create the possibility of a new model for the achievement of Democratic Common Purpose. Where the imperative for Domestic Political Power no longer counts above all else. Only by this means can we jointly incentivize China to form a cooperative structure for the global management of Climate Change, thereby making COP agreements more far-reaching, realisable and enforceable.

Only by common-purpose amongst the Democracies can we become able to jointly finance and resource technological development to retain an equilibrium with the growing Sino-Russian Alliance. To thus promote a world of peace and to start to counter third-word deprivation, often driven by corrupt, war-mongering politicians.

© Albert Smart 2023

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