How Your Support Guarantees a Better Future

Funding Beneficial Change or Cancer Research

If you support the Goals of GB Incorporated (GBI) as described in this Manifesto, you may wish to help fund it, and/or become actively involved yourself, in enabling us to contest the 2024 General Election. The issue on which our campaign will be based is self-evident:

Whether to stick with our ancient 2-Party System (probably under a Labour Government for at least a decade) or to switch to a new Multi-Party Democracy with its goal of strategic continuity to grow our economy for the Ongoing Common Good. Initially to make our NHS efficient and sustainable and to protect our borders from continuous incursion. Ultimately to increase GB’s global influence to provide a model for global concerted action on Climate Change.

Were our Campaign to make progress, it will obviously come under assault by both main parties with their mutual interest in maintaining the status quo.

However, conversely, we could aim for support by minor Parties (the Greens in particular) as PR4 Voting would substantially increase their number of MPs. The “corporate” nature of the reforms, aimed at political and policy stability, would also mean that funding it would be seen as attractive to businesses that could plan their expansion in a climate of greater economic certainty.

Were it to fail along the way, any unused donations will be paid to Cancer Research UK. So your money will be put to good use – one way or the other.

Our Election Campaign is planned in 8 steps as follows.

1 – INITIAL FUNDING. GB Incorporated, as a Political Party (though not yet one you will be able to vote for) will open an account on a Crowdfunding website (to be announced) in which you may donate any amount of your choosing. We will also open an account on a Petition website to further publicize our campaign and try to establish a dedicated GBI Management Team to drive it forward .

2 – ESTABLISH CAMPAIGN VIABILITY. If we have collected £300K by July 2023 (the minimum viable amount to run a campaign in England), we will rent office space and the GBI Management Team will then apply to Register a National Political Party. (We will do this after Step 1 because the unconventional nature of the Party would make it more credible to the Electoral Services Commission at this stage).

If we fail to collect this amount, or our application is declined, our campaign will necessarily be wound-up.  Surplus donated funds will then be paid-over to Cancer Research UK.

3 – RUN ELECTION CAMPAIGN We will then step-up our election campaign by hiring a few administrative staff and by seeking business sponsorship and support from minor Parties (such as the Lib-Dems and Greens) that have an obvious shared interest in the GBI Reforms for increasing their potential for more parliamentary seats. If we have sufficient funds, we will engage an Advertising Agency.

4 – RECRUIT MPS. Based on this campaign, we will attempt to recruit Candidate MPs to stand in all English Constituencies, funding their deposits.  If the campaign achieves real momentum, it could possibly attract some “unsafe” Tory MPs. In addition, Lib-Dem and Green MPs as the PR4 Voting System will greatly increase their Number of MPs and political influence.

5 – EXTEND CAMPAIGN TO SCOTLAND & WALES if this appears viable.

6 – CONTEST ELECTION & PREPARE FOR REFORMS. If we win the General Election by a majority of MPs, those elected will support their constituents in the normal way. They will also form a Parliamentary Select Committee as a vehicle to drive the reforms forward. 

7 – ESTABLISH GOVERNMENT CONTINUITY. We will then offer the existing PM the option to remain in post during a two-year period of Constitutional Reform, providing he accepts the reforms the people have voted for. He will then establish a temporary Coalition Cabinet with his choice of ministers, on our provision it is in direct proportion to the popular vote (to include GBI MPs).

8 – COMMENCE REFORMS. GB Incorporated will, at this point, require funding via a mandatory purchase of shares via the tax system (as previously described) for working capital to set-up office premises to support the Programme of Constitutional Reform and to instigate the high-priority Planning Projects for the NHS and National Digital ID as previously described. This will be supported by a recruitment campaign for suitably qualified professional staff.

Our objective will then be hold a further General Election in 2026 post Constitutional Reform. You would then vote for you chosen Independent Candidate or Political Party (Conservative, Labour or whoever) under the PR4 voting system previously described.

Funding Inducement

Should we win the General Election, GBI will require Taxpayer Funding to set-up office accommodation, recruit management and staff and to fund work on the development of Strategy for the NHS, National Digital ID and the associated policies for de-motivating illegal immigration.

This funding will be by an initial issue of shares as previously described. The Issue Price is yet to be determined, but is likely to be in the range £30 to £50 per taxpayer from pre-taxed income.

As a token of appreciation to those supporting our campaign, the initial issue of shares will be made available to them at a discount (subject to a limit on the number of Shares each Taxpayer is permitted to hold, yet to be determined). The practicable details of this will be published when they have been fully worked-through.

If we fail to win the election, any campaign funds remaining from your donations will be paid to Cancer Research UK. Those GBI MPs elected (if any) will obviously remain in place to support their Constituents in the normal way under the current system until the following General Election (2029 or before).

© Albert Smart 2023

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