Preliminary Manifesto – 2024.

Purposeful Government for the Ongoing Common Good

Feel the state of British Politics is such that nobody is worth voting for? That’s just the point of supporting & voting GBI

What is GB Incorporated?

A People’s Crowdfunded Party for 2 years of Constitutional Reform and for the planning and specification of NHS Reform under a Temporary Coalition Government proportional to the popular vote. For continuity, we would offer Rishi Sunak to remain in post as PM, subject to his acceptance of the reforms.

A further Election will then be held in 2026 under a new, fairer PR-based Voting System called “PR4” described in this manifesto and which will be no more complex to use than the current one. This will deliver a strong, single-party government whilst also assuring at least 4 Political Parties in Parliament.

Voting GBI, (and if possible, helping to fund it) is your only viable way forward if you feel things are now going badly wrong in our country and that you want to put things right with a sustainable future and phased NHS modernisation rolling-out from 2026.

But to do so, you must have an open mind and put aside your preconceptions about democracy, because under the GB Incorporated Reforms as described in this Manifesto, things will become very different in our country as under our ancient Westminster System.

How Will Things Change for the Better?

GB Incorporated is so-called for two reasons. Firstly, because, in contrast to our current system, it is inherently unifying, both within and across borders, hence countering Nationalism.

Secondly, because it will change our Constitution so that our Country becomes run very much like a major corporation that strategically plans its markets, profitability and resources for the benefit of its investors and employees. But in this context, its “investors” are Taxpayers (that own and control the corporation) and its “employees” all Legitimate Residents, benefiting from its “profits” (economic growth).

By taking this very different “commercial” approach to Government, we identify the needs for a planned economy and strategic continuity of policy to generate economic growth. At the same time, protecting taxpayers from populist political policies (often proposed for short-term power, regardless of the longer-tern consequences), and ill-conceived, potentially harmful Budgets. These factors together will enable us to promote the profitability of the Private Sector as the source of our country’s wealth.

This will then enable us to align our dedicational institutions with the current and future needs of our planned economy. Combined with economic growth, we thus become able to establish our resourcing needs in each of our public services, obtain appropriately trained candidates, and establish fair and equitable pay across them, where nurses, teachers etc. will be paid properly, reducing industrial unrest.

The GBI Reforms therefore present the only viable way-forward to sustain our NHS and other public services, whilst also increasing our standard of living.

Because of the “strategic” nature of his new structure of Government, we give it a new name, logically called “Strategic New Democracy”.

Empowering Taxpayers & Protecting Our Economy

Strategic New Democracy, above all things, is about protecting our democracy whilst achieving planned GDP Growth. It is based on the principle that “he who pays the piper calls the tune”. On this basis, it elevates the influence of Taxpayers (that pay for and use our public services and infrastructures) above others living in our country that just use them.

To ensure the taxes they pay are used beneficially, and not put to undue risk, each Taxpayer invests by purchasing at least one share per annum (circa £30 to £50, up to a statutory limit) in a Professional Services Company, owned and controlled by them, to act on their behalf . Dividends are then received as tax-credits geared to the GDP Growth actually achieved.

To do this, GBI (amongst other things) establishes a sector-based Strategic Framework for healthcare, education, etc. and acts as custodians of the policies proposed by Political Parties within this framework. In this way we become able to drive the strategic continuity necessary for the economic growth to raise our standard of living and properly fund our public services.

Why is More of the Same Old Directionless Squabbling Now An Untenable Risk?

The leaders of both main parties are, at long last, correctly recognising the essential need for strategic continuity to grow our economy. The obvious problem is that the only way to achieve it is either by a coalition or by one Party having an ongoing unchallengeable overall majority over the other (their mutual goal), effectively turning our country into a 1-Party State.

This false premiss of “Democracy vs Strategic Continuity”, at the heart of our country’s problems, drives the huge democratic risk we now face in 2024 because of the sheer economic incompetence of the previous Administration and the lack of integrity of many Conservative Ministers both preceding and following it.

We now face the very real prospect of a toothless, discredited, Conservative Party in opposition for the foreseeable future. Fertile ground for a Labour Party of autocratic power over our lives, perhaps for decades to come, where the left-wing aspirations of those funding it will seek to exert their influence, with unpredictable socioeconomic consequences.

This dismal prospect is in sharp contrast to the goals of the ne PR4 Voting system integral to the GBI Reforms, giving a far higher proportionality of representation, yet still under a strong, single party Government. One that guarantees at least 4 Parties in Parliament, obviating the need for the combative Shadow Cabinet that drives division into our country. A system that makes it far easier to form new Political Parties. So we will be able to bring fresh ideas into more participative Government – a future where we will no longer have, effectively, just 2 Parties constantly squabbling for power above all else.

Healthcare – Why GBI is the Only Viable Option 

Our massive NHS (employing 1 in 25 working adults) is unique in Europe as the only one incorrectly funded by general taxation, the only one with misconstrued unfair healthcare commissioning, in costing us the greatest proportion of GDP (despite people thinking it “free”), and in delivering a fast-declining service, with the least spend delivered per patient and with elective waiting lists now untenable.

The Labour Party are therefore correct in taking the view that our NHS is now so inefficient it is now unsustainable and must therefore “reform or die”. However, unlike their implicit supposition, the daunting reality is that the track record of NHS Management in this regard is such that they clearly have neither the correct vision nor the professional competence to achieve it.

Only GB Incorporated, by establishing a professional services resource at the heart of Government, will have the expert professionals (Project Managers, System Designers, Economists etc., supported by Expert Groups) to drive the reforms we now urgently need.

Together with our new Planned Economy (identifying the NHS resources needed) and achieved Economic Growth, we will then be able to staff and fund the service properly, with appropriate and fair levels of pay, ensuring its ongoing efficiency and sustainability.

Illegal Immigration – Why GBI is the Only Viable Option.

GBI will introduce a system of National Digital ID to bring us into alignment with most other European Countries. Combined with our new Planned Economy and other measures (to ensure GB offers no tangible benefits over other European Countries), this is the obvious and only viable means to demotivate and stop Illegal Economic Immigration.

Climate & Global Aspirations

Perhaps above all, GBI has global aspirations.  Its new democratic structure, with politicians operating within a professionally-managed strategic framework, could present a viable model for demotivating political power-obsession – the major cause of global problems & lack of progress.

It may therefore be the only viable path to motivate China into cooperative Climate Management. To a sustainable future of cooperative technological development to counterbalance the increasingly advanced Sino-Russian threat, so that future generations can live a life of peace and prosperity.

Moving Forward – How You Can Help

Of course, to contest the might of the political status quo, supported by its expensive advertising and PR campaigns, presents a huge challenge. But one I believe is now realisable because the political environment is clearly now shifting.

Because, after the hard lessons of the previous administration, it seems to me most people are now completely fed-up with the constant directionless Tory / Labour squabbling of politicians of questionable competence and integrity, as our economy and public services slide downhill, and simply want Purposeful Government for the Ongoing Common Good.  This is exactly the platform on which GB Incorporated will stand.

Were GBI to win the 2024 General Election, our elected MPs will not only represent you in the usual way, but will establish a 2-track approach to start to put things right in our country. The first track will be to manage the programme of Constitutional Reform, to complete by 2026, and to plan for a further General Election at that time.

The second track will be to establish GBI Incorporated as a Professional Services Company and commence a recruitment campaign funded by Taxpayer Shares (circa £30 to £50 pa). Its initial objectives will be for phased NHS Reform and National Digital ID, in preparation for rollout from 2026.

If a vote for GB Incorporated makes sense to you, you can help by spreading the message and by making a donation to help fund our campaign. For how to do this, and for details of our Transition Strategy please see the page “Moving Forward”. Were our campaign to flounder, any unused donations will be paid over to Cancer UK, so your money will be put to good use, one way or the other.

Founder: Albert Smart
Business Solutions Architect
Kent, UK

© Albert Smart 2023